Lydia Albrecht


Meet Lydia Albrecht, the Floral Manager at The Corners of Brookfield Sendik’s! Lydia has been working with flowers since she was in seventh grade, when she sold bouquets at the Brookfield farmers’ market. When she was 17, Lydia began working as a floral designer for a local flower farm and she has made hundreds upon hundreds of bouquets since! Lydia also has a bachelor’s degree in International Studies with an emphasis in Politics and World Affairs from UW-Milwaukee, and spent a month studying International Relations at the United Nations in New York. Throughout college, she worked at Target, which helped her develop excellent skills working in retail.

Lydia has traveled to Africa, Nepal, Dubai, Istanbul and many countries in Europe and has been inspired by the beauty she’s seen around the world. She strives to capture the diverse and unique beauty from the places she's experienced in her floral designs.

Lydia joined the Sendik’s family as a Floral Designer at our Greenfield store in 2018, and now works as the Floral Manager at The Corners of Brookfield. She has always loved creating things and helping people, and loves that her position with Sendik’s allows her to do both! Lydia’s favorite part about being a florist is being able to create something special that makes people happy.

Email Lydia or call 262-439-8930.

Sendik’s at the Corner’s of Brookfield
20222 Lower Union St
Brookfield, WI 

Phone: 262.439.8930