Sendik’s Home in Bloom

Adding something unique or beautiful to everyday tasks makes each day more special. This is the philosophy behind Sendik’s Home Department, which allows Sendik’s guests to enjoy one-of-a-kind home goods and stunning florals every time they visit the grocery store.

Believe it or not, our Home offerings began as just a small selection of cash and carry flowers in each Sendik’s store. Sendik’s Home visionary and founder, Margaret Harris (Balistreri), has always wanted to provide Sendik’s guests with something special and beautiful that they could take home, or even simply admire, at the end of their grocery shopping trip.


As our floral selection grew in popularity, Margaret recognized the demand to continue to delight guests with a selection of fun finds as part of their Sendik’s grocery shopping experience. When we opened our fourth store in Mequon in 2004, Margaret filled a few tables with carefully selected gift and home goods items. So many items sold in the first week that there was a mad scramble to find more and thus, Sendik’s Home Department was born!

Today, Sendik’s Home is in full bloom with a presence at every Sendik’s location. We offer hundreds of unique items including home goods, apparel, fragrance, and gifts. We still have grab-and-go
flowers - but our floral department has grown to offer so much more. Each of our full-service stores has an on-site home designer and offers one-of-a-kind plants, floral arrangements, custom floral bouquets and designs, and special event flowers for weddings, corporate events and more.

The next time you visit your neighborhood Sendik’s, we invite you to set your cart and shopping list aside for a few moments and enjoy wandering through our Home Department. Explore our fresh finds for the season, find the perfect gift for a loved one, or pick up a little something special for yourself. A detour into our Home Department will make grocery shopping feel like less of a checkbox on your to-do list and more of a treat. We guarantee you’ll find something special to take with you to truly make your house feel like home!