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Margo received a degree in Art from Concordia University. Her passion for flowers and her deep understanding of design have allowed her to quickly become a premier floral designer. A fresh outlook and insatiable thirst for new design concepts makes Margo the perfect person to consult when planning an event or party. She has an appreciation for fun, eclectic design that make each event unique and interesting. Margo's love for all things artistic enable her to create beautiful displays in flowers, plants, and gifts. She draws her inspiration from the beauty of a tulip as well as the shape of a vase, but has been heard to say that it is the personal connections with her customers that affords her the greatest form of inspiration and personal satisfaction.


Sendik's Grafton

Sendik's Grafton
2195 1st Ave.
Grafton, WI 

Phone: 262.376.9525